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Boost CORE Users · HACK Monetization

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LIVE OPS from Mobile

Going Deeper to Drive Conversion?

Nudge provides a LIVE OPS solution specialized for mobile games. You can track your CORE users’ behavior including purchase behavior and spot opportunities and engage instantly. Leverage your entire in-game economy to reward users for higher retention or run personalized sales promotions for revenue optimization. Boost CORE Users, Hack Monetization!

Driving Conversion

Create a quest instantly to Boost CORE Users. You can go deeper with higher goals and different rewards to see what works best. Go beyond updates.

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Boost CORE Users

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Create a Quest

Reward your poker players
if they play 10 times a day.

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Create Subsequent Quests

Continue to reward players
if they play more than 20, 50
times a day

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Experiment with
different rewards

A/B test with different rewards
for better results

Create a sales promotion instantly and experiment it with different core user groups and different discount rates. Hacking monetization has never been easier.

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HACK Monetization

Create a Sales Promotion

Promote a virtual item with
a 20% discount

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Nudge hack 1

Try a deeper discount for
non-paying users at the same time

50% one-time discount for
non-paying users

Nudge hack 2

Experiment with
different discount rates

A/B test with different discount
rates for better results

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All-in-One LIVE OPS Tools

Nudge provides all-in-one tools for your LIVE OPS needs. Once our SDK is integrated, these powerful features will be available in your hands. With just a few clicks, you can try something you’ve never imagined possible before.


Track CORE Users

Free-to-play games are all about pounding YOUR CORE users and extracting the most value. Whether they are minnows or whales, beginners or advanced users, you can slice and dice them to create any segment using any in-app data, even purchase history. Pound the core with personalized engagement.


Spot Conversion Opportunities

We will show you the most of important metrics to monitor your CORE users. Recognize conversion opportunities on the spot and engage any CORE user with a personalized message to change behavior.


Engage Users Instantly

We understand that you need more than just simple messaging in order to Boost CORE Users and HACK Monetization. So we provide comprehensive tools for LIVE OPS. With our ready-to-go features specialized for mobile games, you are a few clicks away for rewarding users, launching sales promotions on virtual items and cross-promoting other games with incentives - no hardcoding needed. Full automation and flexible scheduling with smart delivery options will make your daily life easier and produce better results.


Optimize Continuously

LIVE OPS needs instant access to live data. Whether it’s user behavior, purchase history, campaign performance or A/B testing, it’s all within your grasp as it happens. Bottom line - no more waiting.



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